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Diagnostic Equipment

3164683Octopus 900 Visual Field

  • Threshold visual field automated perimeter
  • More accurate and reliable visual field testing than screening visual fields
  • Computer analysis of visual fields gives our doctors more information to track progression of field loss

6527954Corneal Topographer

  • High resolution corneal topography
  • Gives our doctors a map of your cornea to better fit GP and CRT lenses
  • Allows for more accurate tracking of corneal disease (ie. Keratoconus)

598562Optovue OCT

  • Ultra high resolution images of optic nerve and macula
  • Allows our doctors to more accurately measure and monitor changes to your retinal health
  • Detecting pathology sooner than simple direct observation with a bio-microscope

1523088Optomap Retinal Imaging

  • Quick, convenient way to capture your retinal image
  • Permanent snapshot of your retina allows our doctors to easily check for yearly changes
  • NOT a substitution for dilation in all cases