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Lenes and Frames Warranty

FOG Optical Re-Do Policies


1. Fremont Optometric Group will adjust frames, replace screws, re-attach rimless (a.k.a. “rimlon”) lenses, and replace nose pads free of charge when these procedures can be done in our office and frame was purchased from us.

2. All frames come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects. They are not warranted against accidents or abuse. Opticians must use their discretion in determining whether the manufacturer will consider if any damage was the result of a defect, however, the manufacturer will be the final judge.

3. If the frame breaks after the 1-year warranty expires and the frame is still available, patients can purchase replacement parts.

4. If the frame breaks after 1 year, the frame is discontinued, and no parts are available, the patient can choose to have them repaired for a reasonable fee. Patients must be aware that repairing frames may result in different colored screws, small scratches on or around the hinges, or discoloration from soldering. Also, frames that originally had spring hinges may no longer have springs after repair.

5. If patients choose to place new lenses in an old frame, we cannot be held liable for breaks or damage. As frames age, they may become brittle in ways invisible to the human eye. Patients assume the risk when using old frames. They should also be warned that they assume the risk when we adjust older frames. Patients must sign a disclosure form notifying them of these facts.

6. Patients have 30 days from the day the glasses were ready for dispense to exchange the frame and “re-style” if they do not like the fit or look. A $20 “manufacturer’s exchange fee” applies to ALL frame changes. Frames must be in perfect condition so that we can return it to the manufacturer; otherwise, no re-style may be granted. Patients must pay to upgrade to a more expensive frame in addition to the $20 fee. If they select a less expensive frame, no refund may be given. Patients who object to the $20 fee will be reminded that we are making new lenses for their new frames for free!


1. Lens redo’s and re-refractions will be granted, free of charge, within 90 days (3 months) of the ‘order received’ date IF the lenses were made by FOG under the following conditions: a) RX change b) OPTICAL CENTER change [i.e. PD and/or seg height changes] c) LAB ERROR.

2. If a patient seeks a redo after 90 days but not more than 180 days (6 months) after we received the lenses, we will charge the patient a $40 refraction fee (if a new refraction is required).

3. After 6 months, the patient must pay in full for any new lenses.

4. If lenses were made by an outside office, we will measure the prescription in the new glasses to verify accuracy. Patients will not be reimbursed any fees an outside office charges for redo’s. If patient requests doctor to re-refract they will be charged a refraction fee.

5. If a patient chooses to upgrade their lens options within 90 days (e.g. BFL to PAL, adding AR or Transitions, or CR-39 to Poly or Hi-Index, etc.) then they must pay the applicable upgrade charges.

6. If a patient chooses to downgrade their lens options (i.e. PAL to SVL, removing A-R or Transitions, or Poly to CR-39) no refunds will be allowed, we will simply redo the lenses for free.

7. Patients need to be made aware that the technology does not exist to “buff out” or polish lenses that are scratched or chipped. Lenses can only be replaced by purchasing new lenses or using a manufacturer warranty, if available. If patients choose anti-reflective or anti-scratch coatings for their lenses, they will be warranted against scratches and chips!

8. Lens manufacturer warranties vary as follows, with dates commencing from the date they were ready to be dispensed (i.e. the ‘order received’ date):

a. ANTI-REFLECTIVE (AR) coatings classified by VSP as ‘A’ coatings have a 1-year warranty that can only be used once during that year. Coatings classified as ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’ have 2-year warranty that can only be used once during 2 years.

b. Standard ANTI-SCRATCH COATINGS (ASC) have one-time, 1-year warranties.

c. POLYCARBONATE, HI-INDEX and TRIVEX have one-time, 1-year warranties because they come automatically with anti-scratch coatings.

d. TRANSITIONS lenses have one-time, 1-year warranties against scratches because they automatically come with anti-scratch coatings.

*** Once insurance benefits are used for frame and/or lenses those benefits will not be reinstated***